what is metafit

Quick Guide On What is Metafit?

Quick Guide On What is Metafit?

A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, Metafit is a training program that is to be continued for a period of 30 minutes. It involves the use of only bodyweight.

The workout program first came into being in the year 2010. It has been designed to help people lose fat by accelerating their metabolism. A Royal Marine Commando created Metafit, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of HIIT.

How Does Metafit Work?

Metafit works by putting the metabolism on steroids. In other words, it increases the metabolic pace of the body, and thus, aids in fat burning. The more that the fat is metabolized, the more toned and trim one looks. As the exercise needs one to move between low and high-intensity activities, it can improve aerobic as well as anaerobic fitness. Thus, your body takes less time to burn fat than is possible with LISS training.

Once you do LISS or steady-state workouts, it can set your metabolism on fire. Less oxygen will be used by your body, than when you try to do a high-intensity workout. As more oxygen is used by your body, your metabolism will begin to work more. Thus, you can burn more calories while exercising as well as afterwards.


What are Some Metafit Workouts?

The best Metafit workouts are those that are harder to perform, and thus, increases the oxygen intake of your body. These include Squat Jumps, Plyometric Lunges, Push-Ups, Plank Jack and Burpees. These do not need any equipment, and can perform them anywhere – whether in the gym, or at home, park etc. Anybody can train using Metafit, get strong and be able to burn fat with Metafit.

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You can perform such exercises very easily and quickly. All that it takes is 30 minutes of your life in a single session. Those who wish to burn fat and get fitter without any fancy programming or equipment can follow Metafit. Regardless of age, location or fitness level, one can practice it. The level of training can be adjusted, while the intensity for a powerful HIIT workout can be maintained.

What are Some Other Benefits of Metafit?

Other than helping burn fat, Metafit can be efficient in boosting metabolism and keeping you healthy. It can also improve your cardiovascular endurance and make your heart become stronger through robust training. Thus, this kind of training can be very useful in keeping your heart healthy.

Regularly performing Metafit workouts can also help you to improve your muscular strength, flexibility and much more. There are physical as well as mental advantages of this exercise program, given that the state of mind is directly related to the state of the body and vice versa.

The fitter that your body feels, the more refreshed your mind becomes. When you add good nutrition to the mix, you can be assured of great benefits for your mind and body. You can burn the extra calories in your body and emerge much trimmer and toned. You will look as well as feel like a million bucks.