Should You Have Creatine Before Bed?

Should You Have Creatine Before Bed?

Creatine before bed has been a go to supplement among all kinds of athletes. For recreational bodybuilders as well as for athletes, it is regarded as the gold standard supplement. Its effectiveness in improving lean muscle tissue, power and strength is based on science. While creatine can be taken after exercise sessions, many people wonder whether it can be consumed before going to bed. Find out the answer.

Creatine Before Bed – Is It a Good or Bad Idea?

You can have creatine anytime that you like in a day, and your body will get benefits from the same. This is not a stimulant or instant energy booster. Naturally, having it before bedtime will not pose any problem for you. According to research, however, it has been found that taking creatine supplements right after a workout session or 30 minutes prior to a workout session, offers the best results.

If you are unable to take it at any other time, or seem to have forgot to take it at anytime during the day, you may have it at night. There are no worries that you will lose sleep or suffer from any other problem.

When Should You Take Creatine?

creatine loading phase

Very few restrictions exist, when it comes to the time and the kind of creatine that you should have, for optimal benefits. Many people suggest that it should be consumed during a creatine-loading phase. This indicates that one must have a proper dose of creatine each day, to ensure that there is a creatine saturation in the muscles. When your muscles are saturated with creatine, you would be having doses all through the daytime. This includes potentially consuming creatine even before going to bed.

If you would like your body to be in a creatine-loading phase, and wish to have it along with your smoothie in the morning, you can do so without any issues. This can be a drink before starting workouts. You can have it before bedtime as well, as it is not a stimulant that can rob you of your sleep.

Studies show that having this as a supplement right after workout or before workouts, as a part of meal or shake, can boost its effectuality. When you have it 30 minutes prior to exercising, it can allow enough time for your body to absorb the creatine. Having it after exercise sessions can allow your sore and tired muscles to recover and get replenished.

When you have creatine alongside maltodextrin, dextrose and other carbohydrates that act fast, it can be absorbed optimally by your body. This is because, there will be an increase in the levels of insulin in your body. According to research, insulin plays a vital role in allowing the absorption of creatine by muscle cells. This can ensure maximum absorption of creatine by the body. In order to maintain the saturation level of creatine in the muscles, it is a good idea to have  5 grams of the supplement every day. This is a common practice.