Banded Glute Bridge Exercise for a Bubble Butt

Banded Glute Bridge Exercise for a Bubble Butt

Resistance Band Glute Bridge

Some of us are blessed with the perfect booties. But many of us have to struggle to get that bubble shape. If you are one of those trying to find the ideal exercise to shape the butt and get rid of all the stretch marks and fine lines, we have something for you. This article will talk about all the benefits of the resistant band glute bridge and how it can help you get the booty of your dreams.

What is the Resistance Band Glute Bridge?

Glute bridge is an exercise form that puts strain on your butt muscles, and a resistance band is an elastic band that helps you maintain that form and posture. The only two things you need for this simple workout are a yoga mat and a resistance band so you can make it a part of your daily exercise routine at home. Here is the step-by-step information that you might need to practice.

  • The first step is to lie on your back, on a yoga/exercise mat, and then bend your knees. After bending your knees, you will wear the resistance band and wrap it just above your knees around the thighs.
  • The next will be to maintain a distance between your feet, which can be equal to your hip width.
  • After maintaining your feet at an appropriate distance, you will place both your arms on the ground and stretch them to the point where the fingers almost touch your heels.
  • Now it's time for your core to engage in the exercise, so you will have to tighten it and feel the pressure on your lower back.
  • The next step is to use the force of your feet to push your butt up to the knee level and squeeze it simultaneously. You should feel the pressure in your glutes. Maintain the aligned butt with the knee position for 2 seconds without raising your arms.
  • You will then lower your hips and return to the floor to complete your 1st Continue doing the exercise for 15-20 reps and try it 4-5 days a week to see the visible difference in your booty.

Benefits of Resistance Band Glute Bridge

  • When you do a resistance band glute bridge, it helps you maintain your posture, and you achieve your results faster than a non-banded glute.
  • Even though the point of a banded glute bridge is to activate your glutes and shape your butt, the exercise requires you to engage your core to increase strength.
  • Most people have a terrible lower back pain issue due to bad sitting or sleeping posture, especially those who work on a desk 9-5. So, the resistance band glute bridge will resolve that by shaping your butt because you are lying on the floor and not pushing any pressure on your back.

Final Words

Here we will end our article about the resistance band glute bridge, and we hope you will try it at home to get the insta model booty. And for more fantastic fitness ideas, stay tuned.