14 Resistance Band for Glutes Home Exercises

14 Resistance Band for Glutes Home Exercises

Resistance Band for Glutes

Commonly resistance bands are used for rehabilitation training when someone is recovering from injury. Nowadays, workouts use resistance bands instead of gym devices. Resistance bands are rubbery in texture, versatile strength-training bands. They are available in many colors, sizes, lengths, and tension. Today, more people are turning towards bands for their practical body training and more minor injuries. Resistance bands are of different types according to their shapes, strengths, and prices. A wide variety of resistance bands are available in the market, such as power resistance bands, aka loop bands, tube resistance bands with handle, rubber mini bands, fabric nonslip hip circle bands, figure 8 bands, resistance bands for glutes, and many more.

In contrast to dumbbells or kettlebells, the elastic bands are lightweight, small, and portable. Resistance band workouts strengthen body parts such as biceps, triceps, back, leg, shoulder, and glutes. Resistance bands for glutes are used to activate glutes, get a bigger bum, and cram up on resistance band exercises for glutes. The rubber bands are far easier to use, and you can use them anywhere, even in your home. Lee Mullins, a trainer and a founder of Workshop Gymnasium, said that resistance bands, especially resistance bands for glutes, are a handful of tools for giving resistance through the full extent of movement of a workout and making a difference to activate key stabilizer muscles within the hips and shoulders. 

Use of resistance band in lower body workout

If you are exercising for strength training or free weights workout, you can use the resistance band glutes as a warm-up. It is significant in the sense that the people before doing lower body workout use squad when exercising for hip dominancy and add mini bands for the squatting, deadlifting, and jumping as they help activate glutes and actuate hips. So, it is good to add glute resistance bands as a warm-up. Here are some resistance band exercises that will help you attain the body of your desired shape.

  1. Side shuffle/ Squat 

Resistance bands are incredible tools to activate the glute muscles that are challenging to achieve in a regular workout. It put the band a little above the knees, almost across the center of the thigh. Place your feet shoulder length apart, Then lay your hip down in a squat position to sit on the chair. When the glutes muscles are most activated, then hold the squat. Then stand again and constrict the glute muscles. Repeat this 10-15 times. The resistance bands for glutes help activates the muscles. 

  1. Glute Kickbacks Kneeling using Resistance Band 

Among all resistance bands of glutes, the glute kickbacks kneeling technique use resistance band handles for muscles activation. Start this exercise by bowing your body on all fours. The hands should be separated shoulder width and knees by hip width. Now take a resistance band handle beneath your hands and wrap the other part around the right foot. Gradually kick back your foot, constrict the glutes to straighten your leg. Hold it for a moment and then take it back to the starting point. Repeat the process ten times and then switch sides.

  1. Standing glute kickbacks

Here a mini resistance band for glutes is used where someone stands with feet hip-width apart and puts the bar across the ankles. Then put your hands on your chest or hips, shifting weight on the left leg. Keep the toes of the right leg diagonally behind the left leg to build the tension in the band. Then kick your right leg bag up to 6 inches or as far as you can go. During this, your knee should be kept straight. After that return, the right foot to the floor counted as one move. Repeat it 12 times and then shift to the other leg. 

  1. Squat jacks

Squat jacks move, and it works for both the glutes activation and the legs as the jumping jack and the squat is combined. Place the resistance bands for glutes above the knee, put the feet hip-width apart. Then make a squat position, jump with your feet moving outward opposite each other, and bring them back together. Repeat this almost ten times.


  1. Core open and close

Resistance bands for glutes are used in different workouts to activate muscles and shape the butt. Core open and close is another workout method to activate the muscles. A person lay down on their back with the resistance band around the upper part of the thigh. Move the legs up towards the ceiling and then lower down up to 45 degrees. After this, stretch the legs far apart up to shoulder width and then move them back to the center. Repeat this for ten reps. Keep in mind that press the low back to the ground and pull the navel towards the spine. 

  1. Donkey kick

During this workout, put your belt around the upper thigh and then bent down on all fours. Place your hands on the floor directly under the shoulder and keep your knees below the hips. Bend the right foot, kick it up, and bring it back like stamping foot on the ceiling. Bring the foot back slowly. Repeat this ten times, and after that, shift to the other leg and perform the same. This technique also activates glutes, and the power loop resistance bands for glutes are used for this workout. 

  1. Fire hydrant

A fire hydrant is good for strengthening the gluteus maximus, removing back pain, and lowering injury risk. It is also called quadruped hip abductions. It is an excellent approach for using resistance bands for glutes and follow these steps to learn how to perform the fire hydrant technique. Bend your body in all your fours as your hands lie under the shoulder at 90 degrees. And place your knees below the hips. Lift one leg away from your body at an angle of 45 degrees. After that, lower the leg to the original position and repeat the process for ten reps. Then do the same with the other leg. 

  1. Monster Walk

The monster walk uses resistance bands for glutes to strengthen the muscles and activate the glutes without going to the gym or spending a large sum on it. In this exercise wrap, the resistance band around your ankles, then make a squat position while keeping your back upright. Fasten your hands together and then move one foot forward at a time and in a stable manner. 

  1. Glute bridge with bands

It is another exercise using resistance bands for glutes, muscle strengthening, and muscle toning. Lie on a mat with face up and knees bent, hands lie straight on either side with the fingers close to the foot's heel. Then wrap the band around the thigh just above the knees. Now push with the help of feet and elevate the hips until it coincided with the knees and constrict glutes. Then lower your body to the original position and repeat this process for 45 seconds or do it 10-15 times.     

This exercise is also best for activating the glutes; it involves the resistance bands for glutes to activate the muscles and warm up. Put the resistance band above the knees just in the middle of the thighs. Then lower your position to half squat. It is also called shallow squat. Put your hands fasten close to the chest. Move towards the right with your right footand then put your left foot towards the right side. Make sure that the distance between the two legs remains the same hip-width apart. Simply at a time, take two steps towards one direction and then towards another direction. It makes the one move entirely and should be repeated at least for 20 reps.        

  1. Clam Shell

It is another exercise to target the glute cell for its activation. Take a mat and lay it on the floor. Lay on the carpet in position with legs stacked on each other, then put one of the resistance bands for glutes just above the knees. Then place the knees in a 90 degrees position. Now slowly raise the above-knee as long as the resistance band can go to make sure it opens like a clamshell while keeping your feet together. Then lower it back to the position but slowly, not at once. Repeat this process 10-12 times, then switch the sides and do the same. 

  1. Plank Jack

Plank jack is an effective workout for the working core muscles and flexibility of hip muscles. Lighter bands are used for the mobility and flexibility of the muscles, while heavy bands are used for glutes, hamstring, quads, and hips. The high resistance bands for glutes are also utilized in plank jack exercises to make them more effective and productive. 

  1. Rainbow Kick

 Rainbow kick is an exclusive workout that will strengthen your glute. Bend downward with all your fours like a table. Your hands must be shoulder-width apart and must be below the shoulder at 90 degrees. On the other hand, your knees should be exactly beneath the hips at 90 degrees with hips-width apart. Now put a resistance band across the knees. Pull one leg behind you and draw a rainbow with your foot, moving from one end of the mat to another end, making an arch. Do this almost 30 times for 15 reps; after that, do the same with the other leg. 

  1. Supine Leg Extension

This exercise also uses resistance bands for glutes to strengthen. In this exercise, you need to lie on the floor facing up. Put a resistance band around the left leg right above the knee and the other end of the resistance bands in your hand. Raise your body with the support of elbows to engage your core. Now move your left leg up and then towards your chest so that your forelimb comes corresponding to the floor. Then put your leg back to s straighten it, and then come back to the original position. Do all these 10-12 times and then shift to the right leg. 

Final Words

Here we will end our article about the top 14 resistance bands for glutes exercises and we hope that they will help you transform your booty into a perfect bubble.