14 Resistance Band Back Exercises For a Toned and Strong Back

14 Resistance Band Back Exercises For a Toned and Strong Back

Resistance Band Back Exercises

You might have experienced back pain often during your challenging working routine. Continuous back pain makes it uncomfortable for you to stand, walk or sit in your chair for work. If overlooked, the pain might extend the way down to the buttocks or your legs.

The back pain issue has become prevalent during the COVID crisis because of the work from home principle introduced during national lockdowns. And that is because of more time spent laying on a chair, couch, or bed and reduced effective motion. What is the best solution to relieve back pain while staying at home is question here? The most precise answer is the resistance band-back exercise.

Resistance band back exercises

Resistance bands assist in building strengthened back muscles which primarily reduce back pain and make you resistant to aching. Resistance band back exercises are straightforward to perform and the most effective to back pain as well. Moreover, these allow you to get rid of heavy gym equipment. In order to get rid of back pain, it is essential to build a toned and firm back.  There is no need to go to the gym, which requires ample time. Instead, you can perform the simple resistance band back exercises at home quite conveniently. The topmost helpful exercises are mentioned below to help you counter the problem of back pain.

1. Bent-over Row

The bent-over row is one of the most opted resistance band exercises. You will perform it with a resistance band having handles.

  • Hold the band in your hand, then stand over the center of the band with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Keeping your hips back bend at your knees slightly.
  • Pull the band up towards your hips to make a 90-degree angle at your elbows.
  • Release the band. Repeat this exercise 12 times.

2. Reverse Fly

Reverse fly resistance band back resemble a bent row in terms of posture and are simple to perform for beginners.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then place a resistance band around the stationary post.
  • Hold the band by the handles.
  • Pull the band outward by both the hands and engage your upper-mid back muscles.
  • Make sure to extend your arms to full length and then release.

Resistance band back exercise

3. Lat Pulldown

    The following helpful resistance band exercise is Lat pulldown. As the name suggests, this is led by the lat muscles. The resistance is adjustable, which makes the exercise appropriate for all fitness levels.

    • Fix the band high up. Stand holding the ends of the band.
    • Maintaining a straight posture, pull down the band towards your waist.
    • Keep both arms straight during the exercise and do not allow bending.
    • Feel the contraction in your lat.
    • Allow the band to go back upward to the original position.
    • Repeat the exercise.

    4. Face Pull

      The face pull resistance band includes the following steps.

      • Fix the band at your eye level with a pole.
      • Hold the band from both ends with your arms straight.
      • Position yourself so that band is pulled tight.
      • Keep the feet shoulder-width apart and stand straight.
      • Pull the elbows towards your ears by utilizing upper back muscles.
      • Release the band and repeat.

      5. Superman Kneeling

        Firstly, you need to get on the ground on your feet and hand to perform superman kneeling. It gives more power and engages opposite sides of the body.

        • Get on the ground with all your fours.
        • Loop the resistance band around the right hand and left foot.
        • Keep your head down and tuck the hips slightly.
        • Lift the right hand towards the front side and the left leg towards behind.
        • The body must make one straight line in this posture.
        • Get back to starting position and repeat.
        • This is for one side; now repeat the process with the opposite side by looping the band this time with your left hand and right foot.

        6. Stiff-Legged Deadlift

          Stiff-legged deadlift resistance band exercise is challenging for beginners. But if you want to perform, you can simplify it for yourself. The steps include.

          • Stand on precisely the center of the resistance band.
          • Bend down and hold the band with both hands.
          • Your upper back will be in a natural posture and your lower back slightly arched.
          • Straighten yourself by stretching the band.

          7. Single Arm Row

            A single-arm row can be performed in many different ways, and one is to use your foot as an anchor.

            • Create a loop of the band and stand with both feet on the loop.
            • Bend the knees and hinge at the hips.
            • Lean one hand on + knee to provide support. Hold the loop with freehand.
            • Engage the ab muscles and perform row back.
            • Tuck your elbow into your side and pull your arm 90 degrees at your side.
            • Repeat this with the other side as well.

            8. Back Fly with Band

              Fix or wrap the band with the lope at chest level and follow the steps to perform the back fly with the band.

              • Your face must be towards the lope.
              • Hold the end of the band and walk backward, carefully removing the slack from the band.
              • Both the arms should face each other. Slightly tuck your hips.
              • The elbows should be at the same height as your shoulder. Bend the arms slightly to protect joints.
              • Pull the arms back and out to the sides so that elbows are behind your shoulders.
              • The chest and back should be actively involved in the exercise.
              • Return to the starting point and repeat the movement.

              9. Standing Ys

                Use miniband for this exercise. It targets and strengthens the muscles of the upper back mainly.

                • Stand straight with feet kept on the ground a shoulder-width apart.
                • Adjust the miniband around the wrist of your hand so that hands face each other.
                • Extend both arms at once over your head.
                • By engaging the core, pull the band sideways to the maximum.
                • Release the band and repeat this process.

                10. Pullover

                  The pullover resistance band back requires a pole to hold the band.

                  • Secure the band from the middle around a pole a foot above the ground.
                  • Lay on your back in such a way that you’re extended arms reaches the ends of the band.
                  • Put your feet flat on the floor by bending your knees.
                  • Pull the band from above your head toward your knees.
                  • Keep your arms straight to full length throughout the activity.
                  • Touch the ground and release the band back to normal position.

                  11. Assisted pullup

                    You need a pullup bar to perform an assisted pullup. If you have one, then follow the steps below to perform assisted pullup resistance band back exercise.

                    1. Assisted pullups give enormous strength and relieve back pain.
                    2. First, fix the band to hang down with a pullup bar.
                    3. Put one foot in the loop of the band hanging down.
                    4. With a shoulder-width apart, hold the pullup bar tight with your hands.
                    5. Start to a pullup so that your chin goes up and over the bar.
                    6. Keep your body straight; do not bend the legs at all.
                    7. Repeat these steps.


                    12. Good Morning

                      Good morning is another unique resistance band-back exercise that actively involves and strengthens your neck and shoulder muscles.

                      • Stand in one end of the loop and put the other end around your neck by bending down.
                      • The lower back must be kept arched.
                      • Move upward slowly and reach a standing posture contracting your lower back.
                      • Return slowly and repeat the movement.

                      13. Deadlift

                        A deadlift is one of the strenuous resistance band exercises which gives extra strength to your muscles.

                        • Carefully loop the ends of the band in the middle of both feet.
                        • Widen the distance between feet to remove the slack.
                        • Bend down and grasp the band in the middle. The back should get arched and hips sticking out; pull the band to reach an upright posture.
                        • Avoid bending your back forward, and make sure to keep it arched during the movement.
                        • Perform this exercise care to avoid injury.

                        14. Lat Pulse with Bands

                          Lat Pulse resistance band back exercise is very healthy for strengthening back muscle.

                          • Lay the face down on the ground with a band kept under hips in the middle.
                          • Maintain body in straight posture from head to toe.
                          • Lift the head, keeping the eyes facing the floor.
                          • Hold the ends of the band with both hands.
                          • Keep your arms straighten, palm facing upward, and elbows inward.
                          • Lift the arms off the ground. Repeat the movement gently.

                          Benefits of Resistance Band Back Exercises

                          • Resistance band back exercise resolves your back pain issue completely.
                          • These exercises can be performed at home on your own and is an excellent alternative to gym equipment.
                          • The resistance band-back exercises require less space.
                          • The exercise makes your whole body active, burn extra fat, and muscles strong.
                          • The resistance band back exercises are the most cost-effective.
                          • It promotes your overall health, supports healthy blood circulation in your veins, and increases focus.

                          It is good to consult your doctor if you have severe pain issues; otherwise, you are good to go with the resistance band back exercises.

                          Final Words

                          Here we will end our article about the top 14 resistance band back exercises, and we hope you will get the results fast by adding them to your workout routine.