13 Core Strengthening Workout Using Resistance Band

13 Core Strengthening Workout Using Resistance Band

Core Strengthening Workout Using Resistance Band

A core body workout is an essential part of a gym routine, especially when concerned with abs development. However, the necessary exercises for this purpose are a matter of confusion for so many beginners. But the agreement is present that resistance bands core workout is the best strategy. For core exercises, relying purely on body force is a difficult task. With the use of resistance bands, additional resistance is experienced. Moreover, resistance bands allow movement in multiple planes and provide better alignment for a core workout. In this article, 13 resistance band core workout exercises are described for beginners.

  1. Standing Knee Tuck

Standing knee tuck is one of the most common resistance band core workouts, but it can also get modified in resistance core workouts. In this technique, you have to stand with your feet apart. The distance between your feet would be a little wider than the width of your hips. The resistance band is worn on the feet and adjusting it in the middle.

In this simple technique, the right leg is lifted towards the chest, and the left elbow is crunched to touch the two. The aim is to touch the elbow with the raised knee without bending the shoulders. Once touched, return to the initial position, and continue with altering feet and elbow.

  • Ab Twists

In this type of resistance band core workout, anchor the band with a pole at sternum level. Hold the two ends of the band and step away in the side direction until the band is taut. Now rotate your upper body and arms so that your arms align with the band orientation while keeping the lower body stationary. Now turn in the same way in the opposite direction and continue in the altering positions.

  • Heel Touch

Among the easiest resistance band, core workout exercises are the heel touch. The heel touch is similar to crunch and is focused on ab development. In this exercise, the band resistance is wrapped around the upper back of the body. And the hands hold the ends. Through this technique, the full-motion range is experienced by the body. It is especially when the shoulder blades are moved to and fro, from touching the ground to up off. The hands get stretched with the band ends to put them by the heels. You can feel a muscular contraction of your abdominal muscles during the heel touch. It is beneficial for the upper abs.

  • Hollow Body Roll

In this technique, wear the resistance band around the wrists and lie face up on the floor. Lift the legs and the shoulders off the ground so that they seem to hover in the air. Now stretch your arms with the band overhead and keep the biceps close to the ears. When the position is set, use your abdominal power to roll first on the right and then on the left side. This exercise is one of the most difficult among resistance band core workouts.

  • Single-Leg T-row

In this exercise, stand by keeping your feet hip-wide. Wear the band around the right leg and hold the other end in your left hand. Now bend at your hips and raise the left leg behind you. When the chest is parallel to the ground, pull the other end of the band with your left hand. Make sure to keep your elbow close to your body. Pull the band once, and then straighten your arm. That is one rep. Now return to the starting position and repeat with the left foot. Among resistance band core workouts, single-leg T-row is one of the most efficient exercises.

  • Side Bends

Side bends are not amongst the explosive resistance band core workout. But it is also a little tricky and causes discomfort to the beginners. In this exercise, sit on your knees near a vertical pole. And tie the band precisely above your head to the pole. Now grab its fee end and bend sideways in such a way that your elbow touches your hipbone. Stay in this position for few seconds and repeat with the other side. This exercise provides enough contraction to your abdominal muscles and is helpful in ab development.

  • Bicycle Crunch

In this technique, the resistance band is looped around the middle of the feet. Set yourself in the starting position, sit on the ground with knees bent and the heels touching the ground. Put your hands behind your head in such a way that your fingers slightly touch your ears. Once the accurate position is set, move your feet and elbows in a way like riding a bicycle. First, bend your right knee towards your torso and try to touch it with your left elbow. And stretch your left leg straight Meanwhile, use your abdominal muscles to rotate your torso sideways. Now repeat it with the alternate leg and elbow and continue for some time. This technique is hard to learn and requires full abdominal support to move sideways; therefore, it is considered the most challenging resistance band core workout.                 

  • Wood Chopper

In this resistance band core workout, the band is tied to the pole at the lower elevation than the body. To set yourself in the starting position, hold the free end with your hands. And move away from the pole until the band is stretched and taut. Now start, end sideways, so your arms remain stretched and a little higher than your head. Also, make sure that the arms are in the orientation with the tied bend.

  • Side Planks

Side planks with the resistance bands looped around the ankles are among the most challenging resistance band core workout. In this exercise, take the high plank position to start. Put your right hand and right feet on the ground and loop the band around the ankles. Hang the left foot over the right foot such that the width between the two is hip-wide. Put your left hand on the hips and stay in that position for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, repeat the process with the left side.

  • Lying Leg Raise

Lying leg rise is one of the easiest resistance band core workouts. In this technique, lie down straight on your back and rest your hands on the ground. Make sure to keep your body straight. Loop the band around your ankles and raise one foot high in the air while pressing the other foot on the ground. Repeat with both feet for few minutes.

  • Bridge Thrust 2

Amongst the resistance band core workout is also the bridge thrust 2. In this technique, lie on your back and bend your feet. Loop the band around your waist and hands. While lying down, raise your back and hip in the air as far as you can while keeping your hands in the band behind your back and firm n the ground. This method provides the necessary thrust to your abdominal muscles and is one of the best for ab development.

  • Spiderman Push Up

In this resistance band core workout, start with a high plank position. Put your hands on the ground, raise your body and support your anchor with the toes. Wear the resistance band around your feet and start by keeping your arms firmly on the ground precisely under your shoulders. Now just like pushups, lower your body towards the floor and bend your elbows. While doing that, bend your right foot to touch the right elbow and keep the left leg firm on the ground. Now return to the original position and repeat the process with the left leg. During this workout, you would feel pressure on your abdominal muscles as you are trying to keep the band stretched on your feet.

  • Unilateral Squats

The unilateral squats are relatively easy among the resistance band core workout. In this technique, stand by pointing your feet forward and keeping a ship-wide distance between them. Loop the band around your right foot and extend the other end to loop it around your right wrist. Now extends your arms forward and keep the chest elevated. Once in this position, send your hip back and bend your knees just like the squats. Now return to the original position and repeat with the loop around your left foot and left wrist.

Final Words

A resistance band core workout is an efficient way to keep your abdominal muscles stern and develop the abs. In this article, you can see that most of the exercises are simple workout techniques. But you can always add the resistance bands in these methods to provide additional pressure to your core. The resistance bands are especially useful for the development of abs. for beginners; working with the resistance bands might seem uncomfortable, but once you develop the habit through practice, it serves you exceptionally well. This article highlighted some of the most beneficial resistance band exercises that you can try if you are a beginner.